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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Farewell G4

Although Attack of the Show, and X-Play went off air a few months ago it still saddens me that there will be no longer a channel for gaming and entertainment. I liked both of the shows and while I didn't always get to see G4 due to being an off and on directtv subscriber, I did get to see Kevin Pereria's last episode but didn't get to see the last episode ever. I remember watching G4 before it was G4 and was TechTv. I can see most of the cast is doing well, with Kevin Pereria hosting a reality tv show and also sometime in the future doing leetup as well (find more information at I recently met Sara Jean Underwood, I didn't talk to her much since I was very sick but just had to meet her, you can see the picture where I met her at Portland Comic con a few months ago:

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